• Effectively removes urethane grout haze
  • Excellent general purpose tile cleaner
  • Compatible with all tile surfaces

"By using Blaze as a weekly cleaner for my tile bathroom floor, I've managed to keep it looking like a brand new installation."

Julie Jensen
Miami, Florida


Bostik Blaze™ Urethane Grout and General Purpose Cleaner is an effective way to clean tile surfaces after installing urethane based grouts. It can be used to remove haze which may remain after urethane grout installation and, in its diluted form, is an excellent routine tile floor cleaner.

While urethane grout is typically easy to clean off the surface of most tiles, some surfaces create challenges that make it necessary to use a chemical-based cleaner to remove residual urethane film or haze. Surfaces that are more difficult to clean that will benefit from the use of Blaze include high gloss surfaces, through-body porcelains and etched / frosted glass.

Directions for Use

Read and understand Technical Datasheet and Material Safety Datasheet completely before beginning installation. Always use protective clothing (gloves and eye protection) when working with grout. ALWAYS DO A TEST AREA TO ENSURE PRODUCT SATISFACTION OR TO BECOME FAMILIAR WITH PROPER APPLICATION TECHNIQUES PRIOR TO USE

Storage and Shelf Life

Do not freeze or store above 100F/38C. Shelf life is one year from date of manufacture when stored properly.


Blaze is available in 24 oz spray bottles or 1 gallon jugs.